Tara, Laro Tayo: Rediscovering Play for Fitness in the Filipino Adult Life

Tara, Laro Tayo: Rediscovering Play for Fitness in the Filipino Adult Life

Are you a:

  • tumbang preso player?
  • patintero?
  • or piko?

Saan ka pinakamagaling?

Karamihan sa atin, habang tumatanda, nalilimutan na ang halaga ng laro sa ating buhay.

We get so caught up in the hustle of work, responsibilities, at ang walang katapusang traffic sa EDSA, na 'yung simpleng saya ng paglalaro—'yung laro na nagpapalakas din sa atin—ay napapabayaan na.

But what if I told you na ang paglalaro could be the key to staying fit and enjoying a bit of fun, kahit adult ka na?

It's possible to rediscover your childhood joy and play, and put it at the center of your fitness routines.

The Science of Play and Exercise

Research shows that play isn't just for fun– it's completely essential for your well-being.

When we engage in play, our bodies release endorphins- which are the 'happy chemicals.' That's why whenever you play, whether it's a video game or your weekend basketball, you feel that burst of good vibes.

Hindi lang 'yan, playing also reduces stress hormones like cortisol, which means less stress and more relaxation.

Think about it: when you're playing—whether it's a friendly game of basketball sa barangay court, or a competitive round of badminton with friends—hindi mo iniisip na 'exercise' yun.

You're just having fun, di ba?

And yet, your body is moving, sweating, and burning calories just like any workout would do. That's the beauty of play; it's exercise in disguise.

Playful Activities to Get Moving

So what kind of playful activities can you do?

Let's start by taking a look at our roots and think about traditional Filipino games. Games like patintero, luksong baka, or even sipa can be great ways to get moving without feeling like you're doing a workout.

I don’t think we’ll be playing those again too much as adults. But we can extract some principles from those games.

The magic is when your games are fun and social

Too many people struggle with health because they treat it as a solo activity. Dapat hindi tayo nag-iisa.

Find ways to bring friends in (or make new friends). The more people are involved in your activities the better!

Run, jump, and mix it up

One of the secrets of our childhood games is that hindi lang siya one-dimensional movements.

We’re jumping, running, moving sideways. Umiilag, sumasalo. Hand-eye coordination. All sorts of things.

That’s one of the secrets to good health! Move in different ways

Set goals and challenge yourself

One of the reasons games are so much fun is because there’s a clear objective.

Patintero: reach the other side and back

Tumbang Preso: knock over the can

Just because you're playing doesn't mean you can't have goals. Set small challenges for yourself and work towards them.

Whether it's improving your speed in a game of tag or increasing your endurance in a dance class, having goals can help keep you motivated and engaged.

Incorporating Play into Your Routine

Hindi kailangan na maging komplikado ang pag-integrate ng play sa ating mga busy schedules.

It can be as simple as taking a break from work for a quick game of table tennis or frisbee sa park. Pwede ring mag-set ng 'play dates' with friends or family members once a week where you try out a new game or sport together.

Let's get creative with it.

Maybe sa lunch break mo, instead of scrolling through your phone, maglaro ka na lang ng brain games or puzzles.

These can stimulate your mind and give you that playful break na kailangan mo to recharge. Or, baka naman on weekends, instead of the usual jog, why not try rollerblading or a bike ride?

Masaya 'yun, and it's a fantastic way to explore your neighborhood or city.

And don't forget the power of music – it's a universal element of play.

Magpatugtog ka ng mga paborito mong dance songs at magkaroon ng mini dance party habang naglilinis ng bahay. Hindi mo mamamalayan, you're working out na pala!

Community and Play: The Social Factor

Filipinos are naturally communal and social beings. We love doing things together.

The social aspect of play can motivate us more than any fitness tracker or gym membership ever could. When you play with others, mayroon kang automatic support system na nag-eencourage sa 'yo to stay active and engaged.

Tapos, there's also the competitive spirit na natural na lumalabas when we play with others. Whether it's a friendly match of basketball or a spirited game of mobile legends with your barkada, that sense of competition can push you to do better and be more active.

But even beyond competition, simply being with others in a playful environment can enhance your mood and foster a sense of belonging and community. That's the magic of play – it connects us to others in a deep and meaningful way.

A Call to Play

In the end, it all comes back to the joy and freedom na dala ng play.

Remember how carefree we felt as kids, laro lang nang laro without worrying about the stresses of adult life?

We can capture that spirit again, kahit sa gitna ng ating mga responsibilidad bilang adults.

Ang paglalaro ay hindi lang isang escape; it's a pathway back to our youth, to a time when movement was fun and effortless. It's a reminder that being active doesn't have to be a chore. Sa ating pagtanda, we don't have to lose that spark of playfulness. It can remain a vibrant part of our lives, enriching our days with laughter and camaraderie.

So, ano pa ang hinihintay mo?

Rekindle your love for play. Magsimula sa isang simpleng laro. It could be anything that makes you smile and gets your heart pumping. And before you know it, 'di lang ang iyong fitness ang mag-iimprove, kundi pati na rin ang iyong outlook sa life.

Tara, laro tayo. It's time to move, it's time to play, it's time to live a life na hindi lang healthy, but also joyful and full.

Huwag nating hayaang maging 'sayang' ang mga pagkakataong maglaro at magsaya. Let's make play a part of our daily lives, and watch as it transforms not just our bodies, but our hearts and minds as well.

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