"Balik Alindog": How the Filipino Comeback Mentality Can Shape Your Fitness Journey

"Balik Alindog": How the Filipino Comeback Mentality Can Shape Your Fitness Journey
Escolta back then and Escota now

Anong 'Balik Alindog' Mo?

As you sit sipping your morning kape, the question might linger in your mind: Ano ba talaga ang 'Balik Alindog' for you?

Is it looking at those faded college photos, remembering the zest of youth? Or is it that desire to once again fit into your favorite maong jeans? 'Balik Alindog', or 'return to allure or beauty,' goes beyond its literal translation.

In the very heart of our Filipino culture, it represents a resilience and unwavering spirit.

A testament to our will to rise above, despite challenges, and be the very best version of ourselves.

The Deep Dive: 'Balik Alindog' sa Kasaysayan

Long before the era of gyms and health apps, our ancestors embraced their own 'Balik Alindog' journeys.

Noong mga panahon pa ng ating mga lolo't lola, they faced life's challenges head-on, building strength and resilience with each hardship. Filipino warriors, in pre-colonial times, had a reputation to uphold. Not only were they fierce fighters, but they also trained intensely, aspiring to be paragons of strength and grace.

And do you remember the folk dances like 'Tinikling'? That wasn’t just a mere dance; it was an art form. An expression of stamina, agility, and the Filipino aspiration to combine beauty with utility.

Memories Tied to Every Strand

When we talk about memories, hindi lang naman about what we see in pictures, diba?

It's also about how we felt in those moments. It's that feeling of invincibility when you climbed a mountain for the first time or the rush of endorphins after a morning jog along Manila Bay. Every photograph, every memory, has layers of emotions and stories.

At a recent family gathering, a moment brought this all back. While we were sharing stories and hearty laughter, my Tita Beth stumbled upon a photograph from the golden '90s.

It wasn’t just a picture. It was a capsule of time. The joy, the camaraderie, the vibrant energy – it was palpable. With that twinkle in her eyes, Tita Beth exclaimed, "Ay, gusto ko mag-Balik Alindog!" The room resonated with nods and agreement. And oo, naramdaman ko rin 'yon.

Deepening the "Balik Alindog" Mindset

The desire for 'Balik Alindog' might start superficially. Maybe it's triggered by an upcoming reunion or the upcoming summer season. Gusto natin maging handa, to be at our best. But as you dive deeper into the journey, you'll soon realize it's so much more than just how you appear. It's how you feel on the inside.

You see, it's not just about fitting into that old barong or dress. It's about reigniting the internal flame, yung alab sa puso, that pushes you to be more, to do more. Over time, hindi na lang ito about 'how do I look?' pero 'how do I feel?'. It's that inner confidence, the spring in your step, and the proud feeling when you accomplish something you once thought was impossible.

Stories, Emotions, at Ang Ating Nakaraan

Each time we look back, hindi lang memories ang bumabalik, but also the emotions tied to them. It’s the story of your first mountain hike, the wind brushing past, the feeling of freedom, and the thrilling sense of achievement reaching the summit. The confidence from those days, the spirit of adventure, and the pure joy of living in the moment are what we often long for.

Chasing 'Balik Alindog' is, in many ways, seeking to capture that magic again. To live those stories, feel those emotions, and create new chapters in our lives.

Unearth the Motivation Behind

But why do we want this? Bakit natin gusto ito? The reasons can be vast and varied. It might be sparked by a bit of nostalgia, the tug from a recent health scare, or the simple desire to align one's physical state with the youthful spirit inside. To truly make this journey yours, it’s essential to uncover this 'why'. Only when the reason is clear can the path be more meaningful and the resolve stronger.

Embracing Our Values and 'Bayanihan' Spirit

Sa ating kultura, the sense of community runs deep. Our 'Bayanihan' spirit reflects in almost everything we do, and it's no different with our 'Balik Alindog' journeys.

We Filipinos find strength in unity. We shine the brightest when we lift each other up.

Whether it's those community Zumba sessions that make us sweat and laugh or the friendly neighborhood runs where everyone cheers each other on – we thrive when we're together.

The Strength in Little Achievements

Sa bawat hakbang, every decision, there's power.

The journey of 'Balik Alindog' isn’t about overnight makeovers or drastic changes. It's the daily choices we make. It's choosing to walk over short drives, replacing that sugary afternoon drink with a refreshing glass of water, or dedicating even just a few minutes each day for a quick stretch or exercise.

These seemingly small wins accumulate, and before you know it, nandoon ka na sa goals you set for yourself.

The Rhythms of Our Journey: 'Balik Alindog' Playlist

Music has always been a part of the Filipino soul. Alam mo 'yon, the songs that bring back memories or the ones that get our feet moving?

Creating a 'Balik Alindog' playlist can serve as an anchor, taking us back to our cherished memories and guiding us through our present journey. So, dig out those old CDs, or search up those favorite tracks and let the music be the wind beneath your wings.

Your Tribe Matters

Hindi mo kailangang gawin ito mag-isa. Share your 'Balik Alindog' aspirations. It can be with a close friend, a loved one, or even the world through a social media post.

Having companions on this journey makes every challenge easier, every success sweeter. They're there to catch you when you stumble and cheer the loudest when you reach a milestone.

Cherish Every Step

The allure of 'Balik Alindog' is not just in achieving the end goal. It's in the journey, the experiences, and the memories created along the way.

Ang ganda ng journey, with its ups and downs, the detours and the straight paths. It stands as a testament to the Filipino spirit - full of resilience, camaraderie, and boundless optimism.

Habang binabaybay mo ang 'Balik Alindog' path, savor each moment.

Celebrate the challenges, cherish the shared laughter, learn from the setbacks, and relish the triumphs.

Tandaan, ito'y hindi lang tungkol sa pag-abot ng destination, but the beautiful journey getting there.

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